Clearwater Designs Ltd. was born out of a desire to bring our clients designs that were not only beautiful and helped connect them to the natural world, but also incorporate a sense of conscious design that helps create more efficient systems based in the principles and ethics of permaculture.  These principles and ethics, which stem from Care for the Earth, Care for the People, and Return the Surplus, are based in observing the natural world and bringing into designs the patterns which exist in nature.

Edible landscaping, a pillar of the permaculture philosophy, empowers the homeowner to cultivate perennial, tree and shrub crops in their own landscapes and offers an opportunity to become more connected with their yards and the natural world around them.

Our mission is to give to our clients a natural environment that is aesthetically pleasing and encourages connections with nature. Through design, installation and consultation, we create landscapes that open the door to the wonders of nature, inviting you to eat from, walk through or simply exist in your own personal retreat that lies right outside your door.

We offer Design, Installation and Consultation services.  Ask about planting service through our Shop Plants tab.


Bryant “Wind” Clearwater, Owner/Operator

I have been working in horticulture, permaculture and all phases of landscaping for over 25 years.  Over the last 15 years, I have been stewarding and honing my skills at The Oasis, a 75 acre permaculture retreat and wildlife sanctuary in Delta County Colorado.  I enjoy creating artistic landscapes that cater to the need of my clients, whether it be empowering people to have their own source of food or offering a contemplative sanctuary in your own yard.  With experience ranging from home gardens to farming, edible landscapes to commercial installations and master planning, my experience is wide ranging and covers every aspect of landscape design and installation.  And most of all, I love what I do and would be happy to share it with you.