Our nursery is 100% chemical free.

We use only organic soil from Soil Not Dirt in Crawford or Organic Black Gold for seed starts and propagation.

Our trees and shrubs are inoculated with mycorrhizae fungus to insure plant health and nutrient uptake.

We strive to offer the highest quality plants available on the Western Slope.

Our focus is on native, edible, medicinal and xeriscape plants.

We require a minimum order of $250 to take advantage of our delivery service in Delta County. If you are interested in purchasing a smaller amount, please contact us at wind@paonia.com (with the subject ‘Nursery’) and we will try to make an appointment for you to come to our nursery on Redland’s Mesa.

In order to make the minimum order, we welcome group orders but can only drop at one location.

Please be sure to include your physical address when placing orders for delivery.

We are happy to take any nursery pots that you would like to get rid of, we accept size #1 pots and larger. Please let us know when we come to drop your order if you have any. Thank you for helping us help the Earth by reusing containers.

Plants are in the following sizes unless otherwise specified:

Annuals 4” coco peat pots (plant in pot)

Perennials #1 plastic pots

Shrubs #5 Plastic pots

Fruit Trees 12” fiber pots (plant in pot) with 2/3 cubic foot of organic soil to ease planting

Trees #5, #7 or larger plastic pots and grow bags